Our office is now closed

Dr. Matt Longwill, DC has re-opened the clinic under a new name as September 4th, 2018.  Dr. Emily Longwill, ND had heart surgery on July 18th, 2018 and will not be returning to the practice. Dr. Emily Dashiell, ND is having a baby this Fall and will also not be returning to the practice. 

For patients of Dr. Emily Longwill and Dr. Emily Dashiell, we will be storing all medical charts.  For information on receiving a copy of your chart please contact the office.

Dr. Matt Longwill's new practice is Harmony Whole Health.  The location and telephone number will be the same.  Abby will still be here and Susie will still be doing B12 injections.  Supplements will still be available.
There are some exciting changes in the works.  Susie is working to convert the IV lounge into a studio for small group and private yoga classes.  She will also teach foundation training and other forms of therapeutic movement.  More info will be provided as soon as the space is ready.
Dr. Matt is offering exciting new therapies, some of which are adjuncts to his non-force chiropractic treatment.  There was a previous email describing these therapies.  If you did not receive it, please call the office to get the updates.
There will be a naturopathic doctor opening a new practice and leasing space at Harmony Whole Health!  She will start seeing patients the first week in September.  Abby will be handling her scheduling and can assist you in setting up an appointment with her.  Dr. Julia Parke brings experience, expertise and innovative treatment to Ventura County and we are happy to have her here! 

If you have any questions, please call us at (805) 339-0050.