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We are currently accepting new patients by appointment.
Office Hours


Monday 9:00AM - 5:00PM  
Tuesday 10:00AM - 7:00PM  
Thursday 10:00AM - 7:00PM  
Friday 9:00AM - 5:00PM  
We are closed on Wednesdays

Chiropractic Fee Schedule - Fee Schedule Increase Starting January, 2017

First Patient Visit (75 minutes) $130
Regular Office Visit (40 minutes) $85
Child First Office Visit (60 minutes) $100
Child Regular Office Visit (30 minutes) $70
* 1 hour first patient visit includes consultation, exam, and an adjustment
* 30 minute regular office visit typically includes a full spine adjustment
* 45 minute extended office visit typically includes a full spine and extremity adjustment
* 15 minute regional office visits are reserved for established patients with an acute flare up in one part of
their body be it the neck, one hip, low back etc and are not for a routine follow up visit.
* Children are 12 years old and under.

Naturopathic Fee Schedule - Fee Schedule Increase Starting January 2017, see below. Patients already scheduled will be on the old fee system.

Initial Patient Visit (60-90 minutes) $250
Extended Office Visit (45-60 minutes) $150
Routine Office Visit (45 minutes) $125
Brief Office Visit (15 minutes) $75
Phone Consult Billed by time and complexity
Child Initial Visit (60 minutes) $200
Child Extended Office Visit (45 mintutes) $125
Child Regular Office Visit (30 minutes) $95
*Initial Visit includes a comprehensive intake with a detailed history, current supplement analysis, and physical exam. Appropriate labs may also be ordered at that time. A separate regular office visit is required to discuss lab results and treatment plan. Lab fees are not included in the cost of the visit.
*Extended Visits - complex laboratory review, new or multiple health concerns that need to be addressed
*Routine Visits - review basic labs, evaluate treatment plan.
*Brief Visits and Phone Consults are reserved for established patients.
*Brief Visits - Acute conditions such as cold/flu, ear ache, sore throat, UTI etc.
*Brief Visits - Prescription changes/refills as well as monitoring.
*The doctor reserves the right to determine if the type of visit is appropriate for the situation.

* Children are 12 years old and under.

Laser Therapy Fee Schedule
10 minutes of laser therapy $50
15 minutes of laser therapy $75
20 minutes of laser therapy $100
*The first laser therapy visit includes a free consultation and exam. Only time for laser treatment will be charged.
*Time is based on the condition being treated.

Payment Policy 

All patients pay for their services at the time of the appointment. Receipts will be provided for services and payment that may be submitted by the patient to the insurance company. We accept cash, check, Visa and MasterCard.

No Show Policy

As a courtesy and with respect for you, we set aside a specific day and time for your appointment. In the event that you cannot keep your appointment with us, please notify us 24 hours in advance. Failure to notify us will result in a charge for the missed visit for the following reasons:
*This clinic does not double book appointments as many clinics do in anticipation of "no shows"
*"No shows" prevent other individuals from receiving the care they deserve in a timely fashion


We do not directly bill insurance for medical services provided at Roots Natural Medicine. However, we can provide you with a coded claim (superbill) to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Please contact your health insurance company for more details about coverage for services provided by a chiropractor or naturopathic doctor. Chiropractic visits are reimbursable through most insurance providers. Many PPO plans in California now provide some coverage for Naturopathic doctors. HMO plans typically do not cover Naturopathic services.

Laboratory Fees

Lab tests may be covered by PPO insurance.  To investigate this option we suggest you ask your insurance company if you plan covers laboratory analysis ordered by an out-of-network provider.  If not, we have negotiated rates with a lab to keep your costs down.  Cost typically varies from $50 to $250.

Medicare - We do not bill Medicare and are not Medicare providers. This means our services are not reimbursed by Medicare, including all laboratory work ordered for Medicare patients.

Roots Natural Medicine, 2021 Sperry Ave., Suite 31, Ventura CA 93003 (805) 339-0050