IV Therapy at Roots Natural Medicine

We like to think of our IV Therapy Lounge as a detox spa. Of course, it’s quiet and relaxing like a spa, and we like to pamper you and cater to your every need. But it goes deeper than that, a lot deeper. You know the feeling you get when you ease into a natural hot spring? How bathing in the warmth of the healing waters restores you? The cells in your body feel the same way when you receive our IVs and Nutritional Injections; they are bathed in a luxuriant lake of revitalizing nutrients- a veritable whirlpool of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and powerful antioxidants. Think of an IV as an “inner vacation;” no longer deficient, your happy, refreshed cells will be ready to go full-speed ahead!

Relax in our IV Lounge for 1 to 3 hours while receiving your nutrients and hydration. Feel free to bring your device to watch videos or listen to your own music (please bring ear-buds). We also recommend that you bring a healthy snack with protein. Many of our patients read a book or magazine while others prefer to take a nap!

*Important: All IV treatments require a brief consultation ($50) or physician referral. New patients may only receive certain IVs until appropriate labs are ordered by the doctor or provided by patient (CBC, CMP and G6PD). Note: the brief consultation is not a comprehensive New Patient visit, it will only serve to make sure you are a candidate for the IV Therapy. If you are interested in Naturopathic medical guidance, please schedule a full Naturopathic New Patient visit.

Below is a menu of some of our standardized formulas. We can also customize an IV to best meet the various unique needs of our patients. Nutritional Injections are also available.


Myer's Cocktail

One of our most popular therapies; due to the nutrients in the IV, it has been shown to help with fatigue, immune function and an overall sense of feeling good and most people experience increased energy. This potent solution contains a specially balanced combination of nutrients that is a safe, effective, and time-tested treatment used to help a range of ailments and increase energy. Common conditions treated with Myers’ Cocktail include acute viral and bacterial infections, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, migraines, bronchitis, sinusitis, fibromyalgia, asthma and other respiratory problems.

Vitamin B complex- Boosts energy, good for hangover recovery, & supports the nervous system. Vitamin C- Wards off viral and bacterial infection and encourages natural anti-cancer activity. Magnesium- Relaxing, helps relieve migraines, essential for heart health & improves blood pressure. Vitamin B5 (Dexpanthenol) - Supports adrenals, calms allergies, and increases energy. Vitamin B6 - Supports mood, hormone balance, adrenal support, eliminates excess fluid retention and PMS. Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin)- Boosts energy, improves mood, fatigue, depression, and metabolism. Selenium - fights inflammation, increases blood flow, reduces free radical oxidative stress, and helps with antioxidant activity.

  • $125


IV High Dose Vitamin C     

IV High Dose Vitamin C is often used in Cancer, Lyme Disease, EBV, chronic fatigue and other autoimmune disorder treatments. The maximum Vitamin C dose that can be taken and absorbed orally without adverse digestive side effects is between 4-6 grams a day. At doses higher than 25 grams, IV Vitamin C undergoes a profound change and becomes and oxidant, not an anti-oxidant. While our cells thrive and benefit from oxidation, bacteria, viruses, fungi and cancer cells are damaged from oxidation. IV High Dose Vitamin C also creates peroxides which are vital for thyroid health. Thyroid conditions such as hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's greatly benefit from IV High Dose Vitamin C.

  • 50 grams: $175
  • 75 grams: $200
  • 100 grams: $225

IV Ozone Therapy

(Major Auto Hemotherapy)


The most common form of medical IV ozone is Major Autohemotherapy (MAH). This involves taking about 200mL of blood from a patient, mixing it with 100mL of sterile saline, exposing it to medical grade ozone, and dripping it back into a patient via an IV. The procedure takes about 30-60 minutes. 

Ozone reacts instantaneously with proteins and cell membranes in the blood, creating organic compounds known as ozonides which then carry out oxidative processes as they circulate in the body. While our cells thrive and benefit from oxidation, bacteria, viruses, fungi and cancer cells are damaged from oxidation. The immune system is also stimulated by ozone and helps your body tackle infections and inflammation. Additionally, biochemical pathways are enhanced which support basic cellular functions such as producing increased energy, supporting cellular repairs and detoxification.

MAH IV's are great for addressing generalized pain, chronic infections such as Lyme and Epstein Barr, autoimmune disorders, anti-aging, and cancer prevention and support. Patients often notice increased energy and symptom improvement on the same day.

  • $175

Glutathione IV

It is a triple threat to toxins: it neutralizes free radicals, enhances the immune system, & detoxifies the liver. Modern life — everything from refined foods to over-the-counter painkillers to stress — robs the body of this vital antioxidant. Also, even if you’re doing everything right, aging takes a bite. Around age 45, our glutathione levels start to slip. Ultimately, those levels can dip as much as 50% below optimal as we age.

Decreased Glutathione levels have been linked to a number of age-related diseases, including Alzheimer’s and macular degeneration. A 2004 study by the University of Alabama found that the red blood cells in male Alzheimer’s patients showed a significant lack of glutathione. A study of patients with heart disease found that the lower the levels of glutathione, the more likely they were to have a heart attack.

Unfortunately, oral supplementation of glutathione often does not work – it is degraded in the stomach and intestines by acid and enzymes. The only way significantly boost your levels is either though intramuscular or intravenous injection.

  • 1,000 mg: $85
  • 2,000 mg: $110

($5 per additional 200 mg)

Glutathione   Add-On

Add a BOOST to any IV with glutathione - an antioxidant powerhouse! Protects the body from illness, neutralizes free radicals and aids in detoxification. Higher doses for certain conditions such as Parkinson's Disease are an additional cost.

Glutathione cannot be added to IV High Dose Vitamin C

(When Administered at the end of any other IV Therapy)

  • 1,000 mg: $30
  • 2,000 mg: $60


IV Alpha Lipoic Acid (PolyMVA)


Poly-MVA supercharges your mitochondria making it a perfect tool for helping cancer patients recover from Radiation therapy, either during or after. Poly-MVA is also great for Lyme patients who have undergone multiple rounds of antibiotics or any one who has had prolonged side effects from antibiotic use.

IV Poly MVA helps the body heal by:

  • Assists in preventing cell damage
  • Supports oxygenation of cells and tissues
  • Helps the body to produce energy for proper cell function
  • Supports the liver in removing harmful substances from the body
  • Works as a powerful antioxidant
  • Supports nerve and neurotransmitter function
  • Enhances proper cellular function for normal cells

Poy-MVA is a uniquely-formulated IV therapy containing a proprietary blend of the mineral palladium bonded to alpha-lipoic acid, Vitamins B1, B2 and B12, methionine, N-acetyl cysteine, plus trace amounts of molybdenum, rhodium, and ruthenium. This formulation is designed to provide energy for compromised body systems by changing the electrical potential of human cells and facilitating aerobic metabolism within the cell. This formulation also provides a very stable form of Alpha Lipoic Acid for the body to use.

  • $125
  • Combine with IV Ozone for ultimate cellular and mitochondrial regeneration! $250


IV Phosphatidylcholine - PTC Therapy


Here are some of the many benefits of PTC therapy:

  •  Heavy metal detoxification
  •  Chemical Toxicity
  •  Mold toxicity
  •  Cardiovascular Disease and Hyperlipidemia
  •  Neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, ALS, stroke, and Multiple Sclerosis
  •  Autism & developmental delay
  •  Chronic infections such as Lyme disease, Hepatitis C, and PANDAS
  •  Anti-aging & longevity
  •  Fertility

Patients with cardiovascular disease, liver disease, neuropathies, and neurological diseases such as ALS can greatly benefit from PTC therapy. PTC therapy helps reverse age-related changes in the lipid composition of organs and tissues. The same results cannot be obtained using oral doses since only about 5 -10% is made utilizable in the blood and tissues. 

  • $125


IV Hydration

IV hydration is the ultimate solution to treat a variety of dehydration illnesses. Party too hard over the weekend? Spend to much time in the playing in the ocean? Overexert yourself as a weekend warrior? Persistent nausea from pregnancy, illness or chemotherapy? Chronically drink too much caffeine? IV Hydration can help support your cells and help you recover by infusing essential fluids and nutrients back into your body.

We have two different hydration options to meet your needs:

  • 1 Liter of Hydration with Electrolytes: $75
  • 1 Liter of Hydration with Electrolytes, Vitamin C, B-Vitamins and Minerals: $150


IV Immune Boost

If you’re feeling “under the weather,” feel better faster with this IV that helps your body defeat micro-organisms.The immune boost IV full of vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants that help boost immune function while reducing oxidation and free radical activity. It is high in Vitamin C and zinc with a balanced blend of B’s and antioxidants.

  • $125